loki-of—asgard is a fantastic Loki. They’re threads are so in depth and well-thought out that it’s a joy to read through them. The mun is an absolute doll and is always so kind and patient. I’m always excited to RP with the mun and their Loki.

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x-tony-x-stark-x is absolutely amazing. I love roleplaying with them because they’re extremely IC. Every time I reply I can’t wait for them to reply again. Thankfully, they’re usually pretty quick to reply too which just makes them just fantastic to roleplay with.

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amxricanson/oscorpuus inspires me to be a better roleplayer. she goes through so much shit but still manages to keep around.

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cxgnitiverecxlibration is such an amazingly kind person and they write Clint beautifully. They are so much fun to plot with and they have some really great verses.

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themischiefunderyourbed has really amazing ideas for AUs. Their daemon verse, for example, is so incredibly well thought out and the graphics they’re doing are just beautiful.

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I’d like to give a shoutout to bruceandtheotherguy. They have really good ideas for plots and AUs. Both mun and muse are real sweethearts, too.

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geislun plays an amazing Bruce. I really love working with them. They can’t always reply quickly, but the replies are completely worth the wait because they are always so well thought out and give so much to work with. It really feels like Bruce is the one writing them out.

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prxceoffreedom/captaxnamerica is a great Steve. They’re so much fun to play with and they have a really good grasp on Steve’s character.

weaponofwinter is amazing. The way the mun gets inside his head, the depth of understanding she has, just everything about her portrayal is good. She’s an absolute darling to talk to and is awesome in various and sundry ways. Follow her and you won’t be disappointed, guaranteed.

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execucio's Jackqueline is a FANTASTICALLY crafted original character deserving of so much praise, words all but fail me. the mun has clearly spent a great deal of time and effort into the muse and blog's construction. whether she's building a theme from scratch or writing emotional replies, it's clear to see she's dedicated. having execucio in my dash is an absolute treat. much love to both the mun and muse!

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dear cas