I couldn’t imagine my dash and my blog without noworldnomad. The mun’s portrayal of Rikki draws you into her writing so deeply that the character’s emotional roller coaster becomes your emotional roller coaster. The mun is just so incredibly sweet and is always happy to try any sort of new plots.

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youusedme is just an absolute sweetheart in every way possible. The character is heartbreaking and really well written and the mun couldn’t be any more welcoming to strangers of all sorts. I never expected to get so attached so fast to this blog and this mun. Bravo.

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shieldshawk rocks. They portray a wonderful Clint, with lovely capabilities of writing both angst, hurt, and fluff. Way to go, shieldshawk.

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thelittleguy-frombrooklyn is such a sweetheart! She’s willing to try all sorts of plots and ideas, and she’s a pleasure to write with. I’m incredibly glad I met her, and look forward to all the things to come!

narcissisticstark is a fabulous tony stark. they manage to capture the serious and snarky side of him, without over-doing either. i really admire that in a tony stark especially.

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adivinegod has such a big heart. their thor is spectacular, and very big-hearted as well. super protective and super sweet ic and ooc.
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wingedxassassin is a super nice mun, and a very approachable muse. they are so welcoming.

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brainwashedhawk is a very sweet AU clint barton

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iamrockandwheat is a sif blog that is very well-written and sticks to canon very well. she is very fiery and i really like how they keep her ic.

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streakedwhite is a wonderfully written rogue blog

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dear cas