"I am a Potato"


When you call yourself a potato specifically, I wonder just how many of you realize how many varieties of potatoes are out there. And just how many things potatoes can be used for. All parts of a potato can be used to cook many different things.


Also, the potato is a member of the Nightshade family, which makes them super duper cool.
And some are used to make Vodka.

Potatoes are versatile.
Potatoes are very important.
Potatoes are freaking awesome.

I understand that potatoes may not be the most attractive root vegetable, but they can grow the most awesome little tentacle eyes. And are startlingly beautiful in their own unique way.

While you may be hidden by the dirt right now, that is where you will grow. Keep growing, keep learning, keep doing what you love.

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lookingformymaker writes Erik excellently and I have never received a reply from her that wasn’t entirely in-character. Her writing is well thought out and beautifully crafted. Not to mention, all the feels are always delivered. Roleplaying wouldn’t be the same without her.

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I feel so blessed and honoured to be frozenbarrier's friend and to rp with them, my muse always misses their Bobby when we don't talk/rp. Their humour, the hidden layered depth, their portrayal in general is so spot on, they always make my day.

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I really enjoy reading deadpoolwasnothere's interactions with meangreensciencemachine / brucethexscienceguyx​ and greenscalesandhotfire​. Three muses that are to die for! Ben is a fun and imaginative OC, and Wade and Bruce are so accurately portrayed, it hurts. Not to mention Bruce and Wade was a ship I never once thought could be a thing I could ship, but now I’m in love with it.

speedsterwanda and notaspeedster are a great AU!powerswap Wanda and Pietro Maximoff. 10/10 would recommend.

thisisspartax is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met on the internet. Not only that but their writing is amazing and it thrills me someone is actively bringing J’son to life. I’m incredibly happy to be their partner and I love them endlessly.

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I love seeing themaximoffinscarlet on my dash. They are so easy to approach and plot with and will be open to so many different things and always makes realistic and interesting verses.

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tony-effing-stark is has always been a total sweetheart of a mun, patient and is always open to any idea, plotting and AU. She is a wonderful mun with a wonderfully written Tony. I will forever love role-playing with them!

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xstrange is amazing and i’m so glad she’s rp-ing strange. she wants to be the lead author of a solo book for him, how rad is that? it’s basically rp-ing with the real deal!!

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On that note,
there are eight submissions queued, and nothing in the askbox.
Apparently I have done my job for the day.

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